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A lot can change in a year.  Children are born, loved ones pass, homes are sold, jobs change.  It's worth spending an hour each year with your attorney to see if your legal needs have changed or if your documents need updating.  

You already meet annually with your doctor, financial advisor, and tax professional. Why would you not  meet with your attorney as well?  

Contact 6:8 Legal Group today to schedule your Legal Well-Check for a reasonable, flat rate.



Whether you need a lease agreement, a sales contract, a deed, a limited power of attorney, or some other type of contract or legal document, we've got you covered.

Yes, you could download a legal document from the internet; however, it might not comply with state law, and, it might leave you vulnerable.  

Eliminate that risk by having your legal documents drafted by a licensed attorney from 6:8 Legal Group.



We all have to sign legal documents from time to time. But do you always understand what you're signing?

Whether it's a settlement agreement, an insurance document, government correspondence, a contract, or something else, paying a few dollars on the front end might save you thousands on the back end.  


Our licensed attorneys can help you understand what you're being asked to sign. We can also notarize documents for you.


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